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We are the neighbours of South Hill Park, London NW3. We meet to party in the street and we help each other as best we can.


The email group is private: membership means you are known personally to at least one of us. So you can feel free, for example, to ask for help with something while you’re out of town without worrying you’re inviting the burglars in. To join the group, write to admins@hillsiders.org.uk.

The archive shows all the messages in the group. If you joined Hillsiders with a Gmail address, you have automatic access to the archive. Otherwise you need a Google account for the email address you use for Hillsiders – i.e., register a password with Google for your Hillsiders email address.

Notice board

board.hillsiders.org.uk is public – anyone can read our notice board. If you would like to be able to write on it, ask admins@hillsiders.org.uk.